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When I was a child, I loved watching television programs about criminal court cases. I enjoyed watching a skillful criminal attorney find a way to get his client off the hook. During high school, I even thought about becoming a lawyer myself. If you’re preparing to become a criminal attorney, you might be studying for the bar exam. This comprehensive test causes many prospective lawyers to miss a few nights of sleep. One good idea when studying for this exam is to talk with other criminal attorneys. This is a great way to learn firsthand about procedures, laws, and interesting cases. On this blog, you will learn how to jumpstart your criminal law career by studying successfully for the bar exam.


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3 Serious Errors That Might Make Your Criminal Charge Hard To Fight

Being accused of committing a crime is one of the most serious battles of life you may have to deal with. The charges put you at risk of facing a maximum sentence, which may include spending years behind bars. However, you need to remember that you're guilty only after the court determines so. Therefore, you may want to hire a professional criminal defense lawyer to help you prove that you're not a criminal. Unfortunately, making the following errors might make your criminal charge hard to fight.

Failing to Get Professional Legal Representation Immediately

The measures you take during the first 24 hours of your arrest will be a major determinant of the outcome of your case. During this time, the police will arrest and interrogate you to determine what happened. They're trained to use different strategies to get information from you, enabling them to get something they can use against you in court. Therefore, regardless of how adamant you are, they will get you talking somehow.

That explains the importance of getting professional legal representation before the police interrogate you. A lawyer will guide you on the questions to answer and the ones to avoid, ensuring that you don't say anything incriminating. Your legal advisor can also protect you from being subjected to taking a breath or blood test if the police don't have a court order allowing them to undertake them. They will also prevent the officers from using these tactics on you if you don't admit fault.

Contacting the Complainant to Iron Things Out

It's normal to feel disturbed by your criminal charges, especially if you feel that the whole thing is a huge misunderstanding. As a result, you may want to contact the wrongdoer to try and convince them that you're not guilty. While this might help you get your charges dropped, it can also land you into more trouble. The complainant might claim that you called or visited their house to intimidate them. As a result, they might convince the court to impose more severe punishment.

Being Arrested for Committing Another Crime

Your criminal charge may be hard to fight if you're arrested for committing another crime while awaiting trial for your previous offense. When delivering the judgment, the judge may combine both crimes, handing you the maximum sentence. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from crime until the judge delivers their ruling on your first sentence.

The mistakes above might blow your chance of clearing your name when facing criminal charges. A serious one is failing to contact an experienced criminal attorney. Working with one will ensure that you get the guidance you need to help you take the right steps, boosting your chances of successfully defending yourself in court. 

For more information, contact a local criminal defense lawyer