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When I was a child, I loved watching television programs about criminal court cases. I enjoyed watching a skillful criminal attorney find a way to get his client off the hook. During high school, I even thought about becoming a lawyer myself. If you’re preparing to become a criminal attorney, you might be studying for the bar exam. This comprehensive test causes many prospective lawyers to miss a few nights of sleep. One good idea when studying for this exam is to talk with other criminal attorneys. This is a great way to learn firsthand about procedures, laws, and interesting cases. On this blog, you will learn how to jumpstart your criminal law career by studying successfully for the bar exam.


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Three DWI Myths You Should Know About

Driving while intoxicated, known as DWI, can cause you a lot of legal and financial problems. However, if you are like a lot of people out there, you might have some incorrect information that could end up making things worse for you when you decide to get behind the wheel despite your intake of alcohol. The following myths are believed by many, and you should know about them so that you don't allow yourself to be put in a bad situation.

You're Sober

Often, a DWI charge is something set in motion by the assumption that you're far more sober than you actually are. Remember, alcohol can diminish your ability to make proper judgments. Not only that, but just because you think you're suited for driving doesn't mean that your blood alcohol level is where it should be for legal driving. Avoid taking the gamble and make other plans whenever you have been drinking alcoholic drinks. Any other decision could be setting you up for a problem with police.

You Don't Have to Comply with Police Tests

Another myth that is problematic is the belief that you don't have to take a breathalyzer test or do any of the field tests requested of you once a police officer has pulled you over. You might be thinking that you can push those tests back a while so you've got time to get the alcohol out of your system. You may imagine that without clear evidence that you're intoxicated, the police officer will have a weak DWI case against you. You need to understand that an officer's mere observation can result in a DWI arrest, and refusing tests only makes you seem more suspicious. In addition, your state can revoke your license; it might be a state where a license is proof of consent to those tests and refusing them means that you lose the privilege of driving for some time.

You Can Represent Yourself in Court

Once in trouble, it might be your plan to ask the judge for leniency or to simply talk about what happened and deal with whatever takes place. However, the consequences could be so severe that your license could be revoked and you could end up serving some time in jail. For that reason, a lawyer is essential. Not only can they work to prevent you from coping with the harshest punishments, but they might be able to question the wisdom of the police stop or the veracity of blood alcohol reports.

With this information, you should be able to behave in a smarter fashion on days when you've had too much to drink and need to get home. If you find yourself in jeopardy over driving while intoxicated, talk with a DWI attorney immediately.